Tembea emerges with its own identity and acoustic style, in search of introspective music and lyrics in English and Spanish that awaken the senses.

The musical proyect  is created in spring of 2017 in order to collaborate in several charitable concerts. Once completed, and given its success, the group is reconfigured as a project with its own identity, led by the compositions and voice of Tembea (Paris, 2001) who already has experience playing in front of different audiences and venues.

In December 2018 its first single in Spanish comes out of the studio, Camino al Reves, in which predominate acoustic sounds, harmonies and lyrics with marked introspective and symbolic nuances.
These same characteristics are progressively shared by Tembea´s multiple songs, as a result of previous compositions that are strengthening the unique style .

In May 2019,  the new single in English, Ropes and Rhymes. is released under the direction of the renowned producer and arranger Fidel Cordero.
Ropes and Rhymes is the second single of the group in which, once again, the peculiar voice of Tembea combines with warm sounds, soft rhythms and careful lyrics.
In Sept 2019, Tembea continues evolving, maintaining the original pop-folk style of her compositions.
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